Case fan question...

H i guys me again. My PC is up and running thanks to alot of you so cheers for that.

I only get sound through my headphones, which is great, but Im not sure if I am supposed to have some kind of sound without them or not...? I dont have 'speakers' as such, but shouldnt I be hearing something? I have a SPID thingy on my mobo, and i suspect that has something to do with it right?
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  1. I'm not sure what you're asking. If you don't have speakers then you shouldn't have sound when you're headphones are out. If you mean noise from case fans, just check that they are spinning. If they are then they're just really really quiet.
  2. Nice to hear you're up and running :)

    You'll need to hook up some speakers to hear audio without headphones, if that's what you mean.
  3. oh ok. shopping for speakers now.

    what about this?

    i have a bitfinex case, it has 2 chassis fans, one on the front and one on the top. they both worked when i fired up the pc for the first time. now, only one works?!?

    i changed it yo a header i know that works and zip....

    so its a fan problem. just seems weird it was working away and then just stopped?!? wtf. any ideas? its all brand new. thanks guys
  4. 1) Test all MoBo fan ports and see if that works. If no,
    2) Plug case fan to PSU and see if that works.
    If no,
    Scream and curse at that stupid fan. (Probably broken)
    If yes,
    MoBo fan headers are probably broken. :)
  5. killakiwi said:
    just seems weird it was working away and then just stopped?!? wtf. any ideas? its all brand new.

    Luck of the draw, I guess. On a statistical level, the failure rates of electronic components are typically highest in the beginning and end of their life. Bummer about the fan, but just call and ask them to send you a replacement. Look at the brightside... it wasn't a PSU or RAM or other major component which could involve a lot of frustrating and time-consuming troubleshooting :)
  6. aha, I suppoose looking on the bright side is better than getting angry bout it, just a mystery really....

    holy ***, just plugged said fan into said header and it started working again....for crying out first it stopped, wouldnt work with other headers, just tried for the last time before pulling it all apart and viola..... thank god for that.

    next question. both chassis fans are now plugged into my mobo. its also possible to plug them straight into the psu right?

    whats the difference? does it matter? what adaptor would i need?

    you guys are good, so keep em comin....
  7. Weird your fan just works again, maybe a loose connection somewhere.

    You can plug the chassis fans into the PSU's three-pin connectors as well. Does it matter, not really... I have two running off the PSU. Don't tell anyone, but I also disconnected two fans completely because my feet were getting cold. Anyway, the difference is that by connecting them to the motherboard, the bios is able to monitor and throttle their speeds. When connected to PSU, they basically run full throttle all the way.
  8. Oh I see. I have a fan conztroller built into the chassis, Bitfinex Colossus, so i guess that would become the controller if i used the psu.

    could you possibly explain a little more how i plug these tiny little plugs into my psu? i need an adaptor right? which kind?
  9. Sorry, maybe it depends on the PSU... my TX750 has a few of these attached, the smaller of which can be connected to the case fans

  10. Not sure how the Bitfinex controller hooks up, but would imagine you plug the case fans directly into the controller - or via some extension of sorts. If you hook up the case fans directly to the PSU the bitfinex will have no control over them.
  11. Don't know which Bitfinex case you have, but here's what it looks like on the Colossus... you should have a bunch of those connectors flopping about as well:
    (Scroll down to somewhere in the middle)
  12. Ah, i think the built in fan controller does control the fan when fans are plugged ibto psu...

    mobo headers/mobo control right?

    psu headers/case control?????

    the case came all setup with the fans and all power connectors to the front of the case(fan controller, led, power, usb) are connected.

    so one would assume i just plug in the fans to the psu and control from the fan controller on the front. idfk really?!?

    its all through the mobo now, and if there is no advantage of one way over the other ill stick to this setup, unless the fan gets tempermental and stops working again because it 'felt' like it. go figure

    ok, next question.

    i have a bunch of crap on my nice new shiney SSD(vertex 4). i want to put some of that crap on my hdd, cant i just drag and drop somewhere?

    careful, you are dealing with a super noob. cheers
  13. killakiwi said:
    i want to put some of that crap on my hdd, cant i just drag and drop somewhere?

    lol which crap are you referring to? Off the top of my head, the only stuff you could consider moving is in the 'libraries' folder. Dragging and dropping from your SSD to HDD won't move a file though, it'll merely copy it without affected the original on your SSD.

    Can't really tell without seeing the case itself, but the PSU powers your fan controller and the controller will have outputs for the fans. If everything's semi-wired it may seem like you're connecting the fans to the PSU. I'd venture to guess all your available fan connectors lead directly to the controller.
  14. Fellas, thanks for all the tips there...good.

    I have manged to make sure all my boring crap, pics, photos, etc are going to my HDD.

    So I started out with 128GB OCZ vertex 4, put win7, bf3, CoH and some other things I think are necessary on it and have about 50GB left. Fills up pretty quick huh?

    So when better games come along I delete games off the SSd and put them on my HDD right? logical.... duh.

    I have a AX750 and so there are no cables coming out of it, and when ya new its pretty hard just working out what needs plugged in where. lol

    I think I need to get that adaptor, cant see one here...??? thats IF i want to plug the fans into the psu. I have a Colossus by the way....HUGE case... monster of a thing.

    thanks again fellas.
  15. So I started out with 128GB OCZ vertex 4, put win7, bf3, CoH and some other things I think are necessary on it and have about 50GB left. Fills up pretty quick huh?

    For gaming, it sure does. But you'd technically still have room to install three more heavy titles on it like Diablo 3, GTA 4, and MW3. Or, if push comes to shove, there's nothing preventing you from installing games to your HDD.

    If you haven't already done so, look for the "tweaks and optimization" section in the link below. There are some recommended steps to optimize the SSD for Windows... a couple of those will also reclaim a little space.
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