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I am looking at building a new home computer, my main uses are storing music and films, editing and processing photos, and general PC work. The closest I get to gaming is Football Manager, but would like it to run smooth when I do.

My Budget is £600 - £700 ( $950 - $1,150) Not including Monitor etc.
I require HDMI I/O
Good Wireless networking

Any Ideas?


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  1. The things you listed are not CPU-intensive tasks so I think you should be fine with an I3.

    Most of the newer Motherboards have HDMI I/O so you're pretty much covered in that base.

    Most wireless cards in the market will do the job fairly well. There are also wireless USB's that do the exact same thing. I would still get a wireless card though since you want quality connection.
  2. I would get an i5, just so you "futureproof" it for a little more, and I would get at least 8GB of RAM.
  3. Would any of you suggest AMD, I know its a lot cheaper thats all, and for what I am doing do I really need high end Intel?
  4. I suppose you could, but I'm not a fan of AMD, personally. My friend had a problem with his AMD, but after getting that fixed, it works fine. My dad got a good deal at Microcenter, so he uses AMD.
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