How is my build?

I already have hardrive and memory cards. Is this a good build? im on budget right now so this is the best i can come up with.

Instead of that case i replaced it with

Corsair Carbide Series 400R Graphite grey and black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case
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  1. what is your budget?
  2. 1k.
  3. You have one too many cases.
  4. Instead of the Corsair liquid cooler, get the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Performance is similar for only 35 dollars. I would encourage you to stick with the HAF 912. That way, you have more to spend in terms of GPU. The Radeon 7850/7870 will be the best choices at the moment. You can also wait for the mid-range 6xx series. It may be worth the money.
  5. Thanks l0ver. I want to purchase it today so yeah. The reason why i wanted the H80 because i want to overclock the I5 2500k to 4.3.
  6. You can easily overclock a 2500k to 4.6 on air.
  7. The system you've put together, especially if you throw in a 7850 or 7870 is going to rock, IMO.

    I just built a new system that's really close to what you have lined up. I'm only running a 6950 and it's performing way beyond my expectations. Max settings on BF3, running smooth as silk. I think you'll be quite pleased.

    You mentioned you already have a Hard Drive. If it's not an SSD I'd highly recommend you get one. After dropping in an SSD the preformance increase has been quite noticable.
  8. noobnasty said:
    The reason why i wanted the H80 because i want to overclock the I5 2500k to 4.3.

    To add a personal anectdote to what Metal Orient said:

    I've OC'd my i5 3570k to 4.4 and I'm cooling it with an H60 no problem. From what I understand the 2500k doesn't run as hot as the 3570k so you probably don't need to drop that much money to keep it cool.
  9. Alright im on the last part of the build.

    I switched my mobo to Asrock z77 Extreme 4 and the case to Cool Master HAF 912.

    I chose to get 7850..

    PS: Budget is really tight right now. I will purchase the SSD when i can.

    Also which one should i put warranty on it lol

    Here is the Final list.

    If any concerns or anything please let me know. I wanna purchase this before 12 PM. Thanks for the help guys!
  10. dam it 7850 just sold out
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