Motherboard doesn't support cpu even though it should.

Okay so i went out and bought a amd ll phenom x4 965 cpu, and my motherboard says that it supports this cpu, but when i tried to put it in, i got a message saying "cpu not supported by motherboard". so i tried to find an update for my bios on hp's website, but they said there isnt any updates for my bios available. What can i do?
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  1. Since you said you went on HP's site, what system do you have from them?
  2. Are you sure it said Phenom II's are supported at not just original Phenoms? AM2 and AM3 CPU's are socketed the same way so either CPU would physically fit in either socket.

    thats my motherboards specs.
    If you hit the + arrow next to processor upgrade info, it says that it should support my cpu.
  4. found it out. My Cpu's TDP is too high for the Mobo. need to go buy a new mobo i guess.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Just know that if you buy a new motherboard, you'll more than likely need to get a new windows license to go with it.
  6. ^^^

    Yep. The Windows OS is tied to the HP motherboard. If you change the motherboard, the operating system will not work. That means you need to buy a copy of Windows so that you can install it on your "new computer".
  7. I'd throw a phenom II x4 945 in your current board if you can replace the BE edition you just bought, the 945 runs on 95w so it should work with your board and you can keep your windows install.
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