If you dont have enough amps for gpu will it over heat ?

yes i just bought a new msi twin forzer 3 pe/oc fremi gtx570 vga . it needs 12v at 38 amps min of power to run it i only have a650 w at 12v 25amp line with two 6pins on it . the vgu has not been overclocked yet do to the low amps but run at load in the high 60.c at idle its down to 28.c to 30 .c . is my low amps cause this or is this normal for vgas to do this under load ? :bounce:
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  1. antec earth watts 650
  2. using p4 6pin and pci 6+2 pin
  3. p3 6pin sorry
  4. thank you you so much for the help. i will pass along this great site to all my friends agian thank you
    justafrog 69 RIBBIT
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