$1100 Fast and Stable Build, Ideas?

Im looking to build a computer for my dad, he is loooking for a FAST computer that will last him a long time. I will be playing starcarft 2 on it, but only with built in gpu because i dont care about graphics.let me start.This computer will be for a hotel, so it needs to be stable

Budget: $1100 including alberta Gst 5 percent and shipping!

Location: I live 3 hours away from Calgary Alberta. I live in Medicine Hat. I dont think ill have any local pick up around here.

Usage: Quickbooks, Photoshop, Business stuff, word, excel, fast computer, adobe, documents, most stuff that a business man will do. NCOMPUING BOX, for host of multiple workstations.

Websites: Any website in Canada, Memory express prefered because they i get really fast shipping for a cheap price because the calgary store is 3 hours away. I like newegg.
Doesnt matter what ever is the cheapet for the components and good.!

Part Preference and wants: I would like to have a ssd 120 gb, 64mb 7200 rpm 1 tb hard drive, z77, i want to get ivy birgde i7 3770k but i heard it getsa hot. its got good graphics in it too. 16gb ram 1600. I would like to get the Azza Spartan 102E because it looks really cool and is cheap and is wide. Im looking at the thermal right silver arrow because its very good for lik $70

Manufacturer preference: Doesnt matter, which ever is the best.

Parts not needed: Windows 7, monitor, speakers, mouse keyboard, etc.

Thanks For your help
the thing that mostly pisses me off is that no one ever replies on my post. but they do on everyone elses.
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  1. first off what you want looks out of budget but he is me trying :3

    Cpu: i7-3770 (Don't need a k because for the most stability you don't overclock) $325
    Ssd: 120gb crucial ssd $120
    hdd: Segate barracuda 1tb 64mb cache $100
    Ram: 16gb corsair vengance $110
    Mobo: AsRock Z77 Pro 3 $150
    Case: Carbide Series 300R $90
    psu: Antec EarthWatts Green 500W $70
    Drive: DRW-24B1ST 24x DVD-RW Drive $25

    Total: $984.92 +tax + shipping & handling ( prices from memoryexpress.com

    can't afford this? suggestions:
    8-12gb ram will be fine
    1tb hard drive? 500gb should be fine if there is a server in the hotel which can hold important files
    z77 board is a bit much can get a cheaper one if needed
    psu someone suggest a different one?
    downgrade cpu to i5-3570
  2. Okay. I like that and it's pretty cheap. What CPU cooler
  3. hnijhar said:
    Okay. I like that and it's pretty cheap. What CPU cooler

    Use a stock cooler, it only gets hot when overclocked
  4. I like the Hyper 212 EVO or the Hyper 212 Plus whichever.....EVO is better and it comes for about 30 bucks
  5. Okay. Any other ideas
  6. You should go with Itpenguin's build but you should also add this cooler
    as a cooler. I think the 3770 is pretty cool at normal speeds but having the cooler there is a safeguard :)
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