Lan Speeds ?

I have a windows 7 desktop with a ssd drive for the os and a 5400rpm hdd for anything else.It is also gigabit network capable.
I also have a sever running windows server 2008 standard that has 12tb in raid 5 using 5400rpm 2tb drives and the os drive is a 5400rpm hdd, it also has a gigabit rj45.
I have both connected to a d-link 655 wireless router that is also gigabit capable using cat6 cable.

Now the problem is I can only seem to transfer things back and forth between the two at a average of 15mbs. I assumed in theory that I could get a least 30 to 40 mbs with the hdd that I am using. I don't have anything else running etc. CPU is at 1% and network is only at about 2-4 percent.

Both drivers are up to date. I am using a Highpoint 2320 raid card.
I ran netCPS and here are my results...
Client connected from
---> CPS 2057088.75 KPS: 2008.88 MPS: 1.96
Avrg CPS 1975798.50 KPS: 1929.49 MPS: 1.88
Peek CPS 2224725.75 KPS: 2172.58 MPS: 2.12
Client disconnected. 104857600 Kb transferred in 53.07 seconds.

I did some more looking and I found on my server under device manager if I check advanced properties, my speed & duplex can only be set to either 10Mbps or 100Mbps, not gigabit speed. But when I look under local Area Connection Status, I find that my speed i at 1.0 Gbps. I am not sure if this could be the problem though. So I tried to update the driver again and it is still the same.

Does anyone have any ideas to what my problem may be.
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  1. A thought...

    On the server: I would try copying a gig (+/-) of data from the OS to the RAID 5 drives. What is your speed?

    Even though the drives are pretty new, plus they are RAIDed, they will still create a bottleneck. They can only read and write "x" fast....
  2. I am in a similar situation as you and I am using a highpoint 620, which is only 2 sata drives, raid 1. I am getting a write speed of 45Mbps, which i thought was kinda slow even if I am RAID 1. I don't really have an answer to your problem. I just wanted you to know that the LAN isn't your problem. I have the same router as you and cat6 ran to everything. Even at 10Mbps, old 10base-t speed, you are still transfering much less speed than that can handle.

    I think tkrl26 has a good suggestion. Also, what is the other PC you are transferring the files back and forth from? Lets work this out.
  3. I xfered a 1.1gb file from the os drive to the raid and I got a average write speed of 75Mbps and a top speed of 84 Mbps. I also thought it may be the cable so I cut and crimped a completely new section to try and it also is the same.
  4. My specs are as follows:

    Windows 7 64
    8gb RAM
    ssd os drive/hdd drive for everything else
    gigabit RJ45
    AMD 965 CPU

    AMD Sempron 140
    Windows Server 2008
    2gb RAM
    hdd for os
    Gigabit RJ45
  5. hm, and what about the desktop, OS to other drive transfer speed?

    On Win7, you could disable QOS, might help (a little). QOS reserves 20%-25% of Network speeds (you cannot use that extra %), even if you are not using it... Unless you disable it. I have tried all the registry hacks in the book, none of them really do any good...
  6. Desktop OS drive to desktop hdd i get max 400Mbps and average 250 Mbps. I have QOS turned off on the router and win7 already.
  7. I had this same issue with my desktop last month and i had to completely wipe and reinstall the os to fix it. I would like to avoid doing the same with the server, cause of downtime and I dont want anything to "accidently" happen to my raid data.
  8. So no one has any suggestions?
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