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My wireless on this netbook does the acquiring network address thing then it flashes to disconected for a split second and then goes right back to acquiring network address. It will repeat that for as long as I let it. The only way to stop it, is to remove the password from the list of remembered passwords.

Wired network is good.
Wireless with a USB adapter has the same issues.
The other 10+ notebooks here all work 100% on the wireless.
I have excellent signal strength and I am not too far away from the router.
I am absolutely sure that the password is right.

I have already ruled out a hardware problem but I'll glance over it quickly.
ASUS eeePC Netbook 1008HA
Linksys WRT54G Router

Windows XP Home SP3
Security is WPA (TKIP)

I have reset the TCP/IP Stack
I have been running countless virus/spyware scans

I have no idea what to do here and I think that if I have to work on this much longer, I will pull my hair out.
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  1. nevermind I got it

    I have been working on this for a week and I figured it out moments after I posted this

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