Does my CPU always consume 130 watts?

I have a core i7 930 CPU and I know that it has a TDP of 130w. I turned off all the power features in the BIOS like C1, C0 and others. It is currently at stock speed @ 2.8Ghz and is always like that even idle.

Does it always consume 130 watts of power even during web browsing?

(I do not have the physical tools to measure the power consumption)
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  1. No, it will only draw around 130 watts under full load. So idling during browsing will not consume rated wattage.
  2. Nope!
  3. If you switch off all the power saving features, then the answer would be "Yes", more or less.

    The CPU conserves power by reducing the clockspeed. If you do not allow the CPU to use SpeedStep to lower the clockspeed, then more or less your CPU will be running at 100% all the time whether it needs to or not. The max speed is actually 3.06GHz. Therefore, simply turning on your PC and letting it sit idle for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day... etc. it will always be drawing 130w of power (or whatever the power draw would be for 2.8GHz).
  4. As others have stated, no, it will not consume 130w of power under full load.

    It probably won't even use the listed TDP as well, here's a screenshot of my power draw.

    10w = web surfing, 6w = idle, 63w = CPU @ 50-70% load while gaming. My CPU is an i7 2700k @ 4.8Ghz with 1.38v for reference :)
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