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I need to find a decent gaming computer under $400. It should at least be 3g of ram. The hard drive should be at least be 400g. I also need a high performance video card. Can anyone tell me if there is a website or store that has that kind of deal or anything close to the kind of pc i need.
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  1. What do you mean by a "high performance video card;" what exactly will you be running?

    It will take $400 just to buy a high performance video card.
  2. aint possible bro......

    heres a 500 dollar build but it can only play games at medium settings

  3. Hmm considering the GTX 670 is 399 - thats a high performance card right there.

    You are short a budget by about 600$ if you want a high performance video card.
  4. Unless you're building, no. Prebuilts suck for gaming. That's a fact.
  5. I wonder what reality these people live in that $400 will get you high performance anything.
  6. I just saw this bundle deal on newegg with i3-2100 cpu for $306:

    That leaves about $100 for a video card. If you go with Radeon HD 7750 this should get medium to high 1080p performance on many games for about $410.
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