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Whining Noise

Hi there, whilst in any game, i hear a whining noise, but not from the PSU or Case, but through my headset, they work perfectly fine in my laptop and ipod, but as soon as i start a game up and click different things to load my saves, or change my graphics settings, the whining changes pitch, its very similar to the ones people hear from there PSUs/GPU's But ive not found anyone who has that kind of sound coming through their headset.
My Specs are as follows:
- (Asus) Amd 6850 1gb
- 8gb DDRM @ 1333ghz
- i5 2500k ( i have another problem with this)
- Asus p8z68- Vlx MB
- Winpower PSU 850W (i didnt order this, i ordered a 700W PSU, but they gave me 4 x 2gb ram rather than 2 x 4Gb ram *that maybe why?*)
- Asetek watercooling
- Hitachi 1TB Sata2 32mb

im not sure whether any of these components are the cause
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    It is your 2500k, I've heard many problems like this and have the same problem myself. It has to do with the onboard sound card, I went out and bought a 50$ sound card and not only is my audio quality much better, but it lacks the whining/droning noise on my speakers. I haven't heard of any solution to this short of buying a new sound card, but i'm sure there is information on the web of how to fix it. :) start with the intel site.
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  3. Thank you very much! I will definitely see if the Intel people know of a fix, and also look into buying a new sound card along with the other 5 things i desperately need! Cheers
  4. yep, it is interference between your CPU and sound card (some of the wires in the sound card are not properly grounded, and they pick up CPU radiation like a radio, and that is what you are hearing). There is no way to solve this through any type of software as it is a physical issue.
    To solve this on my PC I could either plug into the rear panel jack which did not have the issue like the front panel jack did, or go digital output to a receiver. After moving on to digital you will never need to buy another sound card again :)
  5. Careful that noise could be a ghost in the wire.
  6. lol Motoko could jump out and kick your ass lol
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