$300 budget: i7 960 or IB 3570k??

So you see with the premise of my question. Here are the details:

* I have a i7 960 (socket 1366) CPU in hand (got for free).
* I could buy an IB 3570k for ~$120.
* I would have to buy a motherboard and RAM for either system.

Socket 1366 system:
* i7 960 (free)
* 12 gb DDR3 ~$60
* motherboard ~$195 (Asus Sabertooth) if still in stock or Asus P6X58-E PRO
* ~$20-30 for CPU HSF, since I don't have one for the CPU.
Total ~$275-285

Socket 1155
* i5 3570k ~$120
* 8 gb DDR3 ~$50
* z77 mobo ~$130 ASRock Z77 Pro4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX
Total ~$300

So for Photoshop/Maya/3ds Max/etc. which would make the most sense??

I'm leaning towards the IB system, but not sure if the i7 960 would be a better buy for the above software. I'm pretty sure the IB would make the most sense, but just want some input. I know the 1366 system is dated, but since I already have the CPU it was an interesting option. The cheapest mobo's for 1366 are made by EVGA and I'm not sure if I can trust that brand, from what I've read about their mobo's in the past.

What do you think?? Any and all input is appreciated and thanks for your time/thoughts.
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  1. +1 for IB
  2. And why? Can you elaborate a bit please?
  3. The i7-960 is now four generations old and it's a massive power hog compared to IB/SB - either one of those would be far more efficient than going with the i7-960. Plus with IB you also get support for newer hardware like SSD caching, SATA-6, and PCI Gen 3.
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