Can any1 tell me how to build a laptop???

I want to build a laptop, just for the sake of if..
and by this, I mean making it from scratch, making
the case, etc (no, I dont want to nor can I make a Motherboard and processor)

So, can any1 help me..

I WANT to build this.


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i took the one more travelled my.
and that has made no difference
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  1. How would you make a case? Do you intend to make the screen too?
  2. well you can purchase a barebones laptop and then add the components yourself...
  3. This is about as close as you are going to get to building your own laptop, starating with a barebones chassis w/ screen and motherboard then adding your own memory, processor, hard drive, etc:
  4. I want to build the chassis buy I can buy all the others (M.B, screen, etc)
  5. bump
  6. Get you some sheets of ABS plastic, a heat gun, drill, dremel, ect ect, buy the MB, screen, ect and get busy, layout a template for the MB on the plastic drill your holes, layout the lines where you will need to bend the plastic, use the heatgun along the lines and slowly bend to shape. This of course is just a basic outline of what your wanting to do.
  7. Basically, look for small form factor parts and get REALLY into case modding.
  8. Wow, i bumped the thread and replies pour in.
    So, should a template a case then buy parts or vise-versa?
  9. buy the parts first because you will need to know how much room you are going to need, bolt patterns and how you will layout each part before you can get an idea how you will need to template the case.
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