Windows 7 boot loop after crash

Recently my graphic driver had failed so i uninstalled it. And whenever there's too much load on the laptop it crashes and restarts. Usually it was fine but since recently it started going into an infinite boot loop. It starts automatically, RAM light blinks normally, RAM light stops blinking computer goes off and it goes on this way. A solution i found out was to take out the battery for about an hour and it boots normally (which i guess is because of the BIOS which resets itself but i haven't done any BIOS update since i got the laptop).
But this sucks, please help
2nd Gen i5- 480M @ 2.67 GHz
Intel HD 3000 Graphics
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  1. Thats a HDD light not a RAM light, Try removing start up programs if there are any.

    Did it start after a certain point or after you installed something?
  2. Ah, my bad. Computer is not starting at all. Screen doesn't turn on at all.
    It started after i installed intel graphics driver
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