Good gaming sound card and 5.1 speakers?


I am looking for a sound card and speakers to go in a just a strictly gaming pc. Speaker I want 5.1 and want the speakers to not have permenately attached wiring that way if I need to I can add wire or something but it shouldnt be an issue since my desk is kind of U shaped so I wont be putting them real far away.

I want quality over loudness though since I dont jack up my volume or want wall shaking bass. I mean I do like a little punch to my games and like to turn them up on occasion but mostly I dont have the volume up very far.

Ill be running windows 7 64bit by the way.

Thank you.
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. Oh I dont know. 200-250 tops for both.

    In my game pc I have a sound blaster extreme music xfi card. Not the gimped 2nd gen one, the original xfi that had the full xfi chip in it. But Im not sure if by now something has come out that actually improves discrete audio from that card.

    Top pick goes to the STX, but its limited to Stereo output. Best all around card with native analog surround out is either the Phoebus or Xense, depending on preference.

    D1/DX and DG/DGX are the best price/performance of the group.
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