7870 and 7850. Dual DVI Question.

I have two monitor both uses DVI-I. Seeing there is only one DVI output on the new 7800s. How can i connect two DVI-I monitors to them? Without having to buy another 130ish dollar Hub, for DP to DVI port.

The other option be to wait for other vendors to to sell the card with extra DVI port.
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  1. I don't know why you have to buy a hub. Why not just buy an adapter. Plus here is the an adapter for HDMI to DVI. A male DVI-D will work with a Female DVI-I. It is the other way around it won't work.

    The first link is showing you a Female HDMI to a Male DVI-D. The second link is to all the adaptors for you to look at and see if anything works. I was just reading about the DVI-I and the DVI-D just the other day. I hope this helps you and Good luck.


  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I forgot to add that the HDMI is going to be connected to 55in TV.

    The set up is basically 2x 24in LCD screen. (VGA, DVI, HDMI) both monitor has those 3 connection input. 1x 55in LED TV connected via HDMI.

    Will the card be coming with some thing like DP to DVI-I?
  3. You don't need DP to DVI-I, just get DP to DVI-D. DVI-I just allows for DVI-A or DVI-D, it does not require DVI-I.
  4. I don't know for sure since I havn't talked to anybody about this. Most card come with an adapter and It probley is going to be a HDMI to DVI or something like that just not sure.

    The card also has mini HDMI's and they do have adapters for that as well. Check out the links and just look. It is funny that AMD on there web sight is stating the 7850 has dual DVI out puts.

    But every picture I have seen there is only one DVI. I am sorry not being to much help I do wish you good luck on this and I hope you can fix this problem with out spending a lot of money.
  5. http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-DP2HDMI2-DisplayPort-Adapter-Converter/dp/B0035PS57M
    Can i use that adapter with 7870. My set up of monitor and tv is posted above.

    These are my monitors.

    I can use the GFX DP to HDMI adapter to connect my TV (hopefully audio will work fine).
    Then use one of the DVI to connect to my Monitor
    Use the HDMI of GFX to connect my other monitor. Hopefully i can turn the sound off in Card's HDMI.

    Or i can wait for Dual DVI version...
  6. I don't see why not. You could alway try it to see if it works. Amazon has a great return program if it doesn't work. If you wait who knows how long that will be. Good luck to you.
  7. Going to leave this info here, just in case any one else is wondering about dual dvi in 7870 series card.

    AMD Radeon™ HD 7870

  8. I used a HDMI to DVI adaptor like this one:
    or this one:

    This solved the problem with my Gigabyte HD 7870 and two Asus monitors. The Asus monitors have a HDMI input but connecting that directly to the HDMI output from the 7870 did not work.
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