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Alright so about 8-9 months ago I built my folks a new computer instead of going the Dell route. It has been working fine and had absolutely no problems as far as I know. Now yesterday I went to use it and got nothing. The computer and monitor are on but won't display anything. It was being used earlier that day and now it seems the computer won't even POST. When its powered on it sounds like it beeps once very faintly and then just seems to hang there indefinitely (all the fans spin, lights are on, etc) but nothing gets displayed to the monitor through either the MB's DVI or HDMI or the graphics cards DVI or HDMI. It used to have 3 distinct beeps (beep,beep....... beep) and then go into BIOS.

RAM:G.Skill 8GB
Graphics:HD 4670
Drives:128GB SSD
Blu-ray Drive
Case:Antec 300

Right now I've tried a couple things. I've moved a jumper on JP1 from Pins 1 and 2 to Pins 2 and 3 with no luck, I've removed the BIOS battery for about 20 minutes with no luck, I've also removed one memory stick or just the graphics card to try and isolate a component... Still no luck. I'm beginning to think it's the power supply. I have my system that I could swap power supplies but that will take a few hours with all the cabling and such. Is there any other suggestions or some way to isolate what component is causing the issue? It seems very strange that this just happened all of a sudden.
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  1. could it only be the graphic card
  2. scout_03 said:
    could it only be the graphic card

    Well I've tried booting it without the graphics card with the same results. I've also tried removing one of the 2 sticks of RAM and got nothing as well.
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  4. Google beep codes. The bios signals problems with patterns of beeps. If the system is beeping differently than it used to then look up the beep code in the trouble shooting section of your MB manual. "When its powered on it sounds like it beeps once very faintly and then just seems to hang there indefinitely"
  5. nhasian said:

    Thanks. I was actually looking for this post. I ended up pulling out the cables I needed from another computer and the system POSTed and had the usual beep code. Ordered a new PSU and hopefully that is the only thing wrong. This PSU lasted a little over three years.
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