Last check/fitment and PSU

Hello all I have a few last questions before i purchase the last few components in my new system.
What i have already
Case: NZXT switch 810
PSU: Corsair 850w
HDD 1-2tb & 1-3tb

What i want to know is will my PSU be sufficient to go dual 670's and WC in the future?

If I buy an asus P8Z77-v PRO or Deluxe and have a Hyper 212 Evo cooler will i be able to fit the below corsair ram or do i need to go with the G.SKill?
Corsair vengence
G.Skill ripjaw X

I'm open to other suggestions on the ram. And yes i'm looking at 16gb because i do a little cad design as a hobby.
Dont know if it makes adifference but the planed gpu is an Asus GTX 670 DCII.

Thanks for all your help, this is a great community!!
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  1. Yes, your PSU will be more than enough to run dual gtx 670; even dual 680's if you so please.

    As for RAM, I'm not sure. I did not install my RAM under the Cooler. I just put them on the slots that are away from the cooler. Should be easy enough since you only have two sticks. If so, anyone of those should be fine.
  2. people have been saying that 600-700 watts is enough for a SLI 670 due to it being really power efficient.

    if you plan on overclocking get a Heatsink fan ivy bridge gets really hot so you can go the lower end for price to performance or go for a bit higher for nice cooling capabilities and a higher OC(won't get much of a difference after 4.5 GHz for gaming)

    vengeance heatsinks are pretty tall it usually doesn't fit because it blooks the way of the heatsink fan
    these are very great small won't get in the way of anything pretty much

    if you are getting a hyper 212 evo save some money and go hyper 212 + saves about $10 with no performance wasted

    go save more money go with a 500R white case it looks beautiful and will fit all the wires in the back and fit the GPU not to mention really nice cooling

    if not go with 600T, about the same price as 810 and has a clear side(can switch to mesh for no extra cost) and also a fan control.

    these cases have really nice combos with them here are 2
    600T with HX750 PSU
    500R and ASRock Z77 Extreme4
    extreme 4 will be all you need if not go with ASUS z77 LGA and save some extra

    ASrock extreme4 is really good some people just rate it bad because they might not have updated their bios i have been having a really good time with it it also has 2x PCI 3.0 slots so you can use that for SLI

    really like this Seasonic you can change to
    750 watt HX750 instead
  3. Hey thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So i should go with short ram because i may max out all 4 dimm slots. Can you recommend a better cooler. Ideally i'd go with this but that may break the bank. Also can i place the whole bay reservoir behind the front panels keeping it hidden from the front?

    And if i went this route i know ram height wouldn't matter.
  4. you might not but whats really nice about 500R is that it can fit 2x h100s so it might not fit 1 triple but it can fit 2 dual radiators one on top of the case and one in front

    you might be able to fit the water if you took out the brackets in the middle near the front and leave 1-3 brackets for your SSD/HDD but i have never tried out this water cooler in this case yet so it might be a challenge

    if you really want to try to fit that whole triple radiator i would suggest going with a full tower instead of a mid tower so you can find that extra room to get that thing in

    maybe going with a one of these cases will be better if you plan on water cooling
    this case has a lot of space for expansion comes with a lot of fans to

    or you can go with this case
    checked out the cooler there seems to be a few videos about installing it in a Haf X so it is viable

    EDIT: saw the dimensions of the reservoir pretty sure you can fit it in 500R but not the Rad i tried thinking of ways to fit the rad inside the case found none so far thought of trying to put it on the side panel but i still think it would be to big unless you are putting the rad outside i suggest getting a bigger case
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