No matter what - my microphone quality sucks

Alright so, ive spent over 75 bucks trying different microphones and they all make my voice sound like i have a bucket over my head, theyre all really really quiet and they all have weird static noise.

Ive change my mobo, ive changed from onboard audio to creative soundcard and ive changed power sockets.. nothing helps..

any suggestions ?
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  1. what are you using your microphone for? recording music, video conferencing, gaming? which microphones have you tried?
  2. for livestreaming and gaming (my sound is *** when i livestream, and i ahve to lower all my stereo mix sounds: battlefield 3, music etc. so that anyone could hear me even a little bit).

    i have tried 3 types of speaker micorphones and a logitech table microphone
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