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I wanna ask you cause i'm on budget i'm searching for a CPU that can deliver good performance for good price. So i found i5 3450, a low end i5 IB, and I wondr will this CPU give me the power for editing images and 720p videos. I'm looking forward to buying Adobe Premiere Essentials and Photoshop Essentials for 150 bucks. I have never used them so i wanna learn. Will some z77 mobo fit my CPU well and a medium range VC like HD7750 (or should i search for nVidia CUDA technology). (I will play Fifa 12 on full hd with max settings, i know this isn't a demanding game, I am not interested so much in gaming.)
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  1. I have that exact CPU and it is great. I dont do much video/image editing but did throw a few 1080p clips together into a 30 min video from the summer hols and it handled it brilliantly. It is locked, however you can take the boost frequency to 3.9/3.9/3.8/3.7 (i think from memory), which means when all 4 cores are used you will be hitting 3.7 ghz, which isnt at all bad.

    for a cheap z77 i used the gigabyte z77 d3h which has good features and hasnt let me down. if you decide you want to overclock, go with the 3570k, but you may want a better mobo.

    the 7750 is a decent card, but if you want to game in 1080p i would recommend stretching the budget a bit either for a 7770 or 6850/70 which have all fallen in price.

    I think heavy video editing in those programmes and you might be looking at an i7
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