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ATI card + nVidia card?

Hello all,

I've tried googling this and either my googling skills are going down the drain or I'm just terrible :)

I have an hd6870 running 3 monitors generally as extended desktops but occasionally in Eyefinity mode 5670x1980 (which I love). However, I replaced a GTS 450 which I also loved, but couldn't get 3 monitors running with it. I was going to sell this card but it got me thinking. I'm wondering if there is a good use for this card in my current setup where I can somehow use both. I didn't consider getting a second card at the time (with possibly SLI) because my 2 PCIe slots were too close together then. have a new mobo so 2 double slotted cards can get good airflow.

I've seen where I can run 1 card as a physx processor or something, but I've also heard where it actually decreased performance? is this a good idea? can i even do this with 2 different brand gpu's?

Is there anything else I can do to maybe increase performance of my current setup, or maybe just take some load off my current 6870?

Any input would be appreciated, even if it's just to sell the card :)

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    Nvidia card + amd card = no no no

    It doesn't work that way.

    AMD to AMD and Nvidia to Nvidia just that, go sell that card
  2. Yea I guess things don't work well when you have 2 different gfx drivers running at once. I had a hard enough time getting my 6870 to work after uninstalling my gts450. Had to "Drive sweep" the old drivers before the card started functioning closer to its potential.
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