Computer is off, but hardware still running

my computer will not turn on when i press the power button, but the disk drive still opens and the fan are still running. even when i unplug and replug the power supply, the computer will not turn on but everything else is still running.
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  1. So that means you're computer does turn on but there's no display on the screen? Perhaps it's a GPU/adapter issue?
  2. There's no display and there is no indication from the power button light that it was turned on. the fan and disk drive activate the moment i plug the computer into the wall. when i press the power button no lights turn on, and when i hold it down to try and force shut it down, the disk drive and fan remain active.
  3. Yamikira,

    I had the same problem a year ago with another computer.
    It was the motherboard dying.

    This could also be the processor, or PSU. Try an external videocard (plug one into PCIe, etc). RAM won't cause the computer to do this, but you should test/replace/reseat if possible.

    Try testing your PSU, there's lots of good tutorials on YouTube- this will require a voltmeter.

    The next step would be testing the processor in another computer(a hassle) or simply buying one off eBay and putting it in. You'll have to deal with the thermal paste, though.

    Finally, you would have to try the motherboard, which is what fixed the problem for me.

    Good luck! :hello:

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