How do I install the thermometers?

Hello internet! I'm going to assembe two PC:s for my friends soon (both systems will be exactly the same) and I'm going to be using the NZXT Hades case. If you're not familiar with the case; don't worry, any brainstorming would be appreciated!

So, the NZXT Hades has got three thermometers that you're supposed to...
Simply tape the probes to the desired sensor point
(I read that from the NZXT online manual).

Sure, taping one to the HDD is going to be simple, but how do I tape them them to the CPU and the GPU? It's not like there's a plain surface on the cpu or the gpu saying "Please tape a thermometer here". If I were to tape one to the GPU, I'd but it on the processor, but wouldn't that mess it up? Or is it safe to do it?

Anyway, if it is safe to do it, then I've still got the CPU to worry about. Since it's going to be under a cooler (I'm going to use the 2500K stock cooler) I don't see how or where I'm going to tape it there. Any ideas?
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    find a portion of heatsink that you can tape it to, it'll be the best you can do, and will be a roughly constant offset (at load) to the actual cpu/gpu temps.
  2. You can either tape the thermometer to the case of the gpu, or position it directly above the pcb, same thing with the cpu, just put it as close as you can to it.
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