VERY STRONG vibrations of YAMAHA2100E-VK!!!

I have bought an YAMAHA CRW2100E-VK few weeks ago. I have no other CDROM in my PC (I have no more free slots in my microATX case) so I have to use it for reading the CDs also. But it is a very big problem because of the strong vibrations it generates while reading. Writing the CDs is almost OK. The vibrations are so strong that my HDD (mounted in the same case) is crazy about it and doesn't want to work correctly. I have to open my pc's case and put the CDRW outside PC on the top of the stock of books. Crazy solution! :-) Another problem is very slow reading while vibrations occur.
I tried to reclaim drive at distributor's service. They said that vibrations are NORMAL in case of this model and adviced me to use rubber seal at mounting points. I tried to post message to YAMAHA's support but didn't get any answer.
Is there anybody who has similar experience with this model of YAMAHA's cdrw? Is it possible to change firmware or driver's settings (w2k) to limit reading speed to lower level? Or any other idea how to eliminate vibrations?
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  1. Yamaha drives simply vibrate a lot. This is especially true if the cd has a copyright protection format. Most writers make lousy readers, even though they tout fast read numbers, yamaha's are no exception. HP and sony writers seem to read alright, i don't know about plextors. The only real solution is to either return the drive, or get a reader. Sony makes a fast cdrom read only, but I would personally go with a toshiba dvd drive. They can read just about anything; old scratched up disks are no problem. They also rip audio faster and more accurately than any cdrom i know of.

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