Why does my internet access keep kicking off ?

We run several computers off a wireless system. One of the computers is forever having problems with the internet severing it's connection. None of the others have this problem. Is there something in the wireless settings that needs adjustment on this notebook?
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  1. Reason two: Wi-Fi radiation is not enough

    Even without the interference of other devices, your wireless connection may still be unstable because of Wi-Fi radiation shortage. Wi-Fi radiation always accepts the restriction of the distance between the Wi-Fi terminal and the AP.

    How to fix: You may try to minimize the impact of the metal barrier to the link, or shorten the distance with the AP. More feasible approach is to install antennas to get better wireless transmission.

    Reason six: routers (access points) overloaded

    It is reported that the overloaded router or access point will affect the speed and quality of wireless Internet access. The reasons to cause router or access point overloaded phenomenon may be online games, BT download, or too many computers that connect to the network. In theory, a great demand of data transmission will usually lead to router to temporarily drops. Besides, if the router’s temperature is too high, it will also have the risk to go offline.

    How to fix: you should make a good ventilation environment for your router. If the router is not suitable for your usage, especially when you have demands for higher data transmission capacity, you can consider replacing the router.

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