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currently i have a amd phenom ii x4 840 3.2 ghz cpu and im looking to upgrade. i realize ill probably have to buy a new mobo for a decent upgrade. my budget for the cpu is $150-250. im thinking either upgrading to the intel 2500k or the amd fx 6200. which is better for gaming and why? thanks.
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  1. if you intend to buy a CPU for gaming, get the intel CPUs. AMD CPUs are better suited for other applications like a HD video editing, movie encoding and 3d animation(multimedia stuff). I have done a small research for myself to buy a CPU and based on many bench marks I saw in net, I am saying it. there is not even a competition from AMD among most of the intel series(click here) For your budget, and if u plan to overclock, go for the 3rd generation i5 3570K which is $229. Actually there are a range of 3rd generation processors starting from $200
  2. why are intel cpu's better for gaming? ive always thought higher operating frequency and larger cache size = better proc. yet the 2500k for example has 3.3ghz operating frequency and less l2 and l3 cache than the 6200 yet from the research ive done the 2500k wins. i must be missing something.
  3. I would wait until AMD makes their next release of processor, then you should be able to pick something up alot less expensive. Some time this fall, i would think before Thanksgiving.
  4. thanks for your input but i would still like to know why intel cpu's are better for gaming than amd.
  5. coz of their architecture .. intel cpu have hyper threading and turbo boost.. both are beneficial from a gaming perspective. however amd cpu are no slouch either. the difference isn't so much that you would notice at all
  6. i see, thanks.
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