Tracking my own posts?

Sorry if this comes off as a nooblet question, but it has been driving me completely crazy for a long while now.

I can't seem to find any good reliable way of tracking my own posts on this forum. I know that if I click my own name I can go in "Access to the whole list of his/her messages", but for some reason not all of my posts are presented here. For example yesterday I started my own thread in the graphics/nvidia section, asking a question. And after that I went into someone else's thread (still in the graphics section) and posted a comment. I wanted to check up on it and see if anything had been added in these threads, and while I found my own thread, the other isn't listed... It's possible the guy just deleted his thread between now and yesterday, but it seems like this happens a lot.

I've tried to use the google search engine to find all posts with my name on the site, but it mostly just shows me really old posts of mine, and a LOT of false positives. If for example I search Tom's Hardware forums for web-pages that have PTNLemay and "GTX 670" it will show me some pages with my name in them, some with the 670, but rarely with both (which is the whole point of the search...)

Has anyone else noticed difficulties like this? Or is it just me that is missing something painfully obvious?
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  1. If someone posted on a thread with your presence (including ones you started or ones you reply to), you will see it on the notification box on the top right corner.
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