Need case and PSU for $230.

Budget $230 for case + PSU, does not have to be modular, pref 80Gold or higher.

Has to fit AXT mobo size and one gfx 670 card and wide enough for a coolermaster Evo 212 (CPU cooler dimensins

I want the case to be quiet but have good airflow, doesn´t have to look fansy. Needs USB 3.0 front ports or be cheap so I can add +$15 for USB 3.0 adapter. So far the best option seems to be Antec ThreeHundredTwo - at $60. But something cheaper with similar HAF layout would be nice.

I was going to buy the 650 Platinum Antec Earthwatt. But I read on a review
That it lacks Japanese capacitators the main capasitator isn´t even 105c rated. So the build quality turned me off.
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