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My video card ASUS GeForce 295 have go worked 3 years, but now got defects, it have a problem on operations, (click, opening, etc.) it's a very slow it open directory for 5 seconds, browsing are too slow, sometimes on youtube video are slow if I think correct, I am not sure for that, but on application, programs, Windows operations are too slow, from my service, they says we know card is defected me too, but no one knows what should be that and why it gets now that problems, this video card, comments please?
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  1. When was the last time you reinstalled your windows?
  2. Heh everything is tested before 1 hour, e.g. it tested on fresh installed Windows and also on a NEW HDD, useres: please read what i am wrote, and also it have been on service shop
  3. I don't really understand your question :/
  4. so did your pc working fine with the card?
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