FurMark, when to stop?

My question is fairly simple, how long should I keep running furmark to be sure of the stability of an overclock?

These are my actual tests with a Radeon 5770.

13/03/2012 - 7 min furmark 32.5 FPS 850 Mhz/1200 Mhz (85° at 59% fan speed auto)
13/03/2012 - 7 min furmark 33.0 FPS 875 Mhz/1225 Mhz (81° at 75% fan speed fixed)
13/03/2012 - 7 min furmark 34.0 FPS 900 Mhz/1250 Mhz (81° at 85% fan speed fixed)

Should I run it more time or what or what?

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    Couple of hours for Furmark using Xtreme Burn in mode @ Highest native resolution.

    Make sure AA isn't on too high - If you're running Furmark below 10fps ish it can throttle the cards and miss instabilities.
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