Will the gtx 600 series do 3 monitor "surround"

im wondering if i missed an article that covers this.
i like my radeons mostly because they support 3 monitors with ONE card.
im wondering if finally nvidia supports this finally.
edit: in games of corse.
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  1. Yes it will, but i'm not sure about it. but you can read from this article that they are going to support it via one card and do better implementation.

    The new GTX 670 ti photos shows that it has 2 DVIs and 1 DP, so i guess it's gonna happen.
  2. that article isnt vary reassuring, but ill find out soon enough. i have a radeon 7970 so im set for this generation of cards. im just a fiend for knowledge.
  3. a couple days ago it was announced that the 680 will support 4 monitors in " 3d surround" per card.
  4. Now yes it does. It's already out there.
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