How good are these specs?

Pretty low end stuff. I hope the price is right.
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  1. Specs:

    New Rosewill Rebone Case w/ Power Supply at bottom for better cooling
    AMD Athlon II x3 Triple Core Processor running @2.7Ghz
    Foxconn A74GA Motherboard
    1 Gig PCI-E Nvidia GT-520 Video Card with HDMI- DVI- VGA Outputs
    4 Gigs DDR3 Ram w/ 3 open Slots (board supports up to 16 Gigs of Ram)
    400 Gig Main Sata Hard Drive
    250 Gig 2nd Sata Hard Drive setup for Win 7 Backup + extra storage off the main drive
    650 Watt Power Supply w/ 6 pin power plug for video card upgrades
    PCI Wireless B/G Card for connectivity without the cord
    2 open Sata Ports on board for upgrades or additional hard drives
    22X DVD-RW-DL Sata Optical Drive
    DVD-CDRW Optical Drive
    Onboard 5.1 Audio
    6 USB ports on back / 2 on front of tower / w E-SATA port up front as well
    Large Fan on side / back to keep the PC running Cool
  2. The asking price is $550.
  3. for 550 you could build a better system....IF you have a few things to start case, psu. optical drive. the more spare parts the lower cost or better components
  4. For your reference >>> System Builder Marathon, August 2012: $500 Gaming PC,3273.html
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