Should i wait for kepler or buy a fermi

I am planning to upgrade my pc step by step. As it does not have any gpu i am planning to buy a gpu first. I was thinking of buying nvidia Gtx 560ti but there are rumors that kepler is coming soon. So what should i do. should i buy the fermi or wait for kepler. There is another problem , it seems nobody knows in which port kepler will come. I mean will it be available for Pci-express 2 or it will come in Pci-express 3. i really do not know what to do.
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  1. I would wait for the 600 series to come out wether you are going to buy or not the 500 gen will get allot cheaper.

  2. Its pretty much set in stone now that the first keplar cards (GTX 670ti & GTX 680) will be out in april, so if you dont mind waiting till then i would defintely recommend it as you should be able to take advantage of either the performance upgrade or the price drop in the 5 series cards.
  3. I would wait for kepler if only just for a price drop. that said, I have no clue when kepler midrange cards will be out, but the radeon 78** cards should be out soon for $250ish, and I would just go with a 7850. judging by the paper release benchmarks here, it should run much faster than a 560ti
  4. guys you did not answer one question that is the port. I think everyone[almost] who have i5,i7 or whatever cpu, they have a pci express 2 port. So if kepler comes directly to pci-x-3 then they have to change their motherboard at least. but if they do not change mother board how much will they suffer in performance. now pci-x-2 has a big room for bandwidth. No single cards that are available now can half utilize it [correct me if i am wrong]. And we know kepler is not going to be 3 times more performer than todays card .Then what is the reason of implementing pci-x-3.
  5. BigMack70 said:
    Huh? I answered this in the very first post. Let me repeat:

    PCI-e 3.0 cards will run just fine on PCI-e 2.0 mobos; they will just run at PCI-e 2.0 speeds, which is fine because not even the fastest cards are bandwidth limited by PCI-e 2.0. Nobody has to change their motherboard to get a new GPU (maybe if you had an old PCI-e 1.0 board, but those are ancient now). Even crossfire 7970s do fine on PCI-e 2.0.

    The reason of implementing PCI-e 3 is to prevent things like quadfire or quad-SLI configurations from being bandwidth limited by PCI-e bandwidth. It's basically a future proofing of the technology, nothing that is necessary for today.

    Thank you Bigmack i understand now. So everyone who got pci-x-2 need not worry about the upcoming kepler even if it is pci-x-3.
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