High Temps with ClickBios II

Since I've never done any overclocking myself, I decided to try out MSI's ClickBiosII. Push a button, you're overclocked. A little bit.

MSI z77a-GD65
Hyper 212+
Corsair 600T case

With ClickBiosII on, the 3.4GHz 2600k bounces to 4.2GHz. Stock voltage according to CPU-Z is 1.16v, overclocked they use 1.333v (I think, it's real close to that but I have it off right now).

It's 23C in here right now. At stock CPU idles at around 34-37C, with Prime95 it hits 55-58C.

With ClickBiosII, idle temps at ~43C, but after only a few seconds with Prime95 the temps hit ~79C. Now, is that because they use a relatively high 1.333v? With that voltage, what stable OC do you think I could manually achieve?
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  1. I'd think you'ld want to attempt to achieve a higher speed (up to 4.6) while reducing your voltage and see the lowest voltage you can remain stable (perhaps 1.28v as a starter) - that'll help bring down your temps - 79C for Prime95 is a bit high. From there you can start increasing your clocks and voltages. If you start from an already high temp, I don't think you'll get as far.
    My $0.02 worth
    After thought; to clarify, I'd expect you to get up to around 4.6 in the end (on air I think that's a decent goal), not to start there.
  2. auto overclocking usually overvolts

    do it manually--leave the stock voltage and up the multiplier till its unstable then start increasing the voltage in small amounts

    every cpu is different but heres a guide for overclocking
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    Avoid all clickbios overclocks, they use stupid vCore presets that no logical person will ever do, if you want to overclock do it properly. A Z68 GD65 hits a 4.5Ghz overclock on 1.44 vCore which is just insane at that kind of voltage its couple months before the motherboard, CPU or both go bye bye.

    Just as a referance on about 1.33v you can do 4.6ghz which is more than enough for even lower end cooling to handle you can just work back from that to find the highest clock at 1.3v on the CPU thats about as far as I will take a Intel chip 24-7 if you want longivity.
  4. For some reason, I missed the responses to this thread. I do remember checking it a few days later, but the refresh must not have worked. Thanks for the replies everyone, and I'm sorry I was not intentionally ignoring.

    I did clock my CPU manually to 4.5GHz by setting it to 1.32v in the BIOS, but CPU-z at load never registers more than 1.304v. Temps don't exceed 72c at my average ambient temps.
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