CPU ASUS M5A88-M With AMD FX 8120 3.1 MHz

Hi there, help me out, I'm having a display with my computer, as it was working fine a day before and yesterday i bought a new DDR3 1333 RAM and inserted it to my computer and it stopped working, sometime it will come up to bios and display goes out, sometime it will come up to the windows start up screen and goes off, sometime I'm getting nothing,

Kindly help me out,
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  1. What size DDR3 1333 ram did you add?
    What did you do with the ram that was in the computer?
    If it is still in the computer is it 1333MHz ram with the same size and timings as the new ram?
  2. Hi there, i confirmed with the ASUS Services they confirmed its a processor issue since one three months ago i bought this FX 8120, what do you think about ? is it a nice processor ?
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