CPU speed rating dropped after hard drive replaced

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster.

I recently got my WD Caviar Black SATA HD warrantied out, and replaced with a larger capacity version of the same model. I did the swap the other day, installed a fresh copy of Windows 7-64bit, and got it up and running. Immediately installed avast!, MBAM, GPU Drivers, all the windows updates to get things up to speed.

The problem now is that my CPU speed rating in WEI is at 1.4Ghz, when it should be 3.4Ghz...What's creeping me out is that it says the same thing in the BIOS on startup.

I've run MBAM, sfc /scannow, updated my bios, reset the bios to defaults, and made sure all my drivers/chipset are up to date.

Does anyone have any insight as to what could be causing this loss of 2.0 Ghz in CPU speed? I don't believe I knocked my cpu when swapping drives, and the only other thing I did was power off the PSU to do the swap. All other parts are the same, and were running well before the change (except of course, the old broken HDD).

AMD Phenom x4 965
MSI 760-GM p35
Sapphire HD 6870
WD Caviar Black 1TB HD
Windows 7 64 Bit Professional
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    Make sure the clock multiplier is set correctly in the BIOS.

    The default appears to be 17. Also turn off AMD Cool and Quiet.
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  3. Thanks! I went and adjusted the multiplier up to 17, it was down at 7 previously, and now things are running smoothly. Much appreciated!
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