Power Supply or Motherboard?

I just built my first computer, it was running fine until recently I ran into some issues. Yesterday I was working on my computer and it was fine, even played some games. Today I tried to turn it on again and there was no response, I waited, then it turned on for a couple of minutes then it died again. It kept repeating this process, my question is, is this problem being caused by the power supply or the motherboard?
XFX R7970
Corsair RX650 V2
Core i5 3750k
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  1. Only you can know for sure by swapping out components or disconnecting devices one by one until the pc stops shutting down. I always keep a spare ps for testing. I would start there. You can find some used starting at $10 on craigslist. Use the onboard video for testing, then try your video card once the system is running smoothly.
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