Check my gtx 670/i5 2500k build 1000$

Sup guys. I have an i5 2500k and am planning to buy a gtx 670 with it so far i have the case motherboard and cpu and you know what gpu i want.
Choose the rest of my parts and help me out, I need a mouse and keyboard but no monitor. Help me out guys! Thanks
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  1. Rosewill Capstone / Hive
    Corsair HX/AX
    NZXT Hale82/90

    750W is all you will need for 2x 670 and 2500K ^_^. I already got one of my 670s! :P

    HDD, get something high storage cheap, then get a SSD for OS/games. You can get a 120GB Crucial M4 or Mushkin Enhanced Chronos for very cheap $/gb (best prices atm and excellent performance!)

    Mouse, check out Mionix or Steelseries.

    Keyboard, check out Mionix Zibal 60, CoolerMaster Quickfire Rapid/Pro, Corsair K60/K90, DAS, Filco/Leopold (, Ducky Shine, WASD for best gaming keyboards :)
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