HIS Radeon 6970 inconsistant fan

I have a HIS Radeon 6970 graphics card. The fan is beginning to act strange. It is constant revving and de-revving, as though it is constantly on the verge of wanting to get that higher fan speed. The fan use to only go that fast when I was doing video editing, but now even on idle every few minutes it spins faster and sometimes stays at that high speed.

I am monitoring the temperature and it is a consistent 37-40Celsius, regardless if it is running at the high or low speeds. I can apply a little pressure to the fan and it will spin at the lower speed for a few minutes, but then it goes back to revving really fast. I'll be doing something like watching YouTube and all of a sudden I hear my graphics card fan go full or near full speed until I restart my computer.

Even in the Catalyst Control Center, I can manually change the fan speed to its lowest speed, but even then it is louder than it is on startup. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Honestly the simple fix here is to send the card back to HIS for repair or replacement, It could be the fan going bad, It could also be the voltage controller on the PCB going bad.
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