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Can't Force 3D settings in Catalyst Control Center?

Hey guys,

This is probably a really stupid n00by mistake or something, but I am trying to use Catalyst Control Center to change the 3d settings of Skyrim and they seem to have NO EFFECT, as if the program is being stubborn/refusing the AMD video changes. I've tried running things as Administrator. I am using a mod launcher called Nexus Mod Manager. I noticed that it DID seem to work (but maybe it was just my imagination) initially right after install, but then stopped and now it does nothing. Any ideas?

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  1. Thought I should add my rig details:

    Gigabyte Radeon 6870 1GB
    i7 2600K
    8 GB 1600 Mhz Ram
    Win 7 64-bit
  2. did you try the game setting first
  3. When I set the game to use AA, I get distorted textures on some surfaces - kind of like big missing pixels! Weird...
  4. then your settings are to high so the card could not support them
  5. I still get max FPS when those options are selected though. And when I select 2x AA as the only additional option in game, I still get the same problem. Must be a Skyrim bug?
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    you have to turn off the settings in game, then go into CCC and create a game profile, telling CCC to control the vid settings for that game

    in CCC go to the gaming section, create a profile, uncheck the box next to "use application settings" then choose your settings in CCC.....then save your settings
  7. +1 to Humphreybot's answer. Make sure the AA settings are off in the game settings before forcing them through the drivers (CCC).
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  9. Creating the game profile seemed to work, and then using it exclusively. Thanks!
  10. am glad it worked for you, i tried it myself, but my little 5770 couldnt really take advantage, so i just went back to the defaults. plus after 300 hours on one character i actually found nearly everything and havent play in more than a month :) i am looking for to expansions though!

    hey i finally got a "best answer"! go me!
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