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I am not computer or electronics smart at all. I took pictures of both connections to my Visio TV & also my Dell laptop & went to Walmart told him I wanted to link them to watch netflix for the grandkids since I dont have cable. He assured me this is what I needed and I get home and I got blinking issues. Went back, and another person exchanged it for a different more expensive one and still, same issue. I cant return it now because grandkids got ahold of box & reciept and have no clue where they are now. Exactly what brand & model should I buy to make this work?
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  1. You will need to connect your laptop to the TV. Stream Netflix from laptop and show the video on TV as 2nd monitor.

    To help you better. List your exact TV and laptop model as well as the operating system you are using. You can also put the photos of the connectors on the laptop and the TV up here, and a screen shot of the laptop screen to provide us with more information.
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