Need help finding a decent desktop

ok, so unless I'm willing to wait another year or so, I'm stuck getting a pc from walmart (gift cards and such). I know they have the ibuy gaming ones. but I don't know if I really need a gaming computer. prefer under $500

so basically, I do the regular web surfing and I play games. right now, the desktop I'm using won't handle much at all. I want something that will let me play Sims 3 and WoW. those are probably the "biggest" games I'll be playing. so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I know next to nothing about the computer itself, and building is not an option.

these are the ones I've been looking at?


or possibly

but I'm open to suggestion :) thanks
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  1. The third option is the most powerful and could be the basis for a decent gaming computer with a graphics card upgrade . The current graphics card is quite limited

    The second option is very weak graphically

    The first option uses an amd processor with strong graphics built in . You could even add a relatively inexpensive AMD graphics card and the two graphics processors will work together .
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