What video card to choose

I want to buy a video card and i don't know what to choose.
I have a MSI G41M-P28 motherboard with video onboard and pci-express 1.0. What type of graphic card is better for my MB, nvidia or ati?
What is the best option for a 22inch monitor with 1680*1050 resolutin to play the new gamesfor a budget around 120$?
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  1. Well all modern video cards are PCIe2.0, meaning they will all do slightly worse on PCIe1.

    For $120-140 you should probably go with:
    gtx 460

    HD 6850

    HD 6770

    And I agree with Longpast, I think the 1st two cards are good places to start. You dont want to buy too low (6770 is a little weak) Even tho your cpu might bottleneck the cards performance, (you never told us your cpu) and the limited pcie1 bandwidth will make it perform a little worse, I would still buy at least the gtx 460/6850. Either way its gonna blow onboard graphics away.

    Do you have a strong enough PSU? (power supply)

    AMD vs Nvidia isnt just static one over the other. Both make great video cards that perform better/worse depending mostly on what game it is. Other than that its just personal preference. Most people will tell you nvidia cards are more reliable but they also are always a bit more expensive.
  2. Guru3D uses the following games in their test suite, COD-MW, Bad Company 2, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, Dawn of Discovery, Crysis Warhead. Total fps (summing fps in each game @ 1920 x 1200) for the various options in parenthesis (single card / SL or CF) are tabulated below along with their cost in dollars per frame single card - CF or SLI:

    $ 125.00 460-768 MB (314/592) $ 0.40 - $ 0.42
    $ 140.00 6850 (371/634) $ 0.38 - $ 0.44
    $ 160.00 6870 (434/701) $ 0.37 - $ 0.46

    Based upon the above, the 6870 has the lowest cost per frame in single card config ..... if planning two, then Id consider the 460 1GB which has a lower cost per frame in SLI than any of the others in CF.
  3. I forgot about CPU, i have a intel pentium dual core E6500 2.93ghz and 4gb ram DDR3. could i have some problem if the new video card is on pci express 2.1?
  4. buy 7770/GTX 550 Ti OC
  5. With a budget of up to $120, the best you'll do is a HD6770 (Asus has one for $110). A $10 stretch will get you a HD6790, and another $10 will get you a HD6850.
    A HD6770 will handle your resolution quite well, possibly without AA or with a few settings on "High" rather than "Ultra." I think that's pretty good; don't be convinced to spend money you don't comfortably have.
  6. i think HD 6770 is the best option because i am not an expert gamer and it-s enought for me and because a have a PSU not too strong a Deluxe 450w. HD6790 or HD6850 i saw they need a powerfull PSU.
    From MSI they send me an e-mail that for my MB will be better an nvidia card. What do you say about this? It is true or can be just marketing? this is the e-mail:

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    5800 and later ati dont like version 1 pcie

    nvida seem to work fine so far as ive seen

    so get the best nvidia you can afford
  7. ussualy i would have choose HD6770 but i don't know what should i do......
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