Amd phenom II x6 1055t upgrade

Hello, i have in brief: mobo,ga-880gm-ud2h,mem.ddr3 patriot:pc3-10700h(667MHz)1333 MHz 1800(O.C.) 8 Gigs psu.raidmax RX-630-Z GPU.evga gtx 460 v2(O.C.)c:895MHz. s:1790MHz. m:2136MHz. (1023 MBytes) mem. current cpu is AMD Athlon II X4 640 3000MHz (O.C.) to 3375MHz.. windows experience index scores atm are 7.4, 7.4, 7.7, 7.7, 5.9 after I uprade to AMD Phenom II X6 1055t will i have big increase in gaming multitasking or blu-ray or dvd decoding and burning or will it cause a bottle neck or was this a good upgrade worth the 115$ I spent on the 1055t if all will be good were will i see the most increases if any? I still have 24 hours to back out of the buying of the new cpu... ty
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    is it will had big increase in gaming multitasking or blu-ray or dvd decoding?
    honestly dunno,

    but AMD Phenom II X6 1055t is one of the best AMD proc out there, (better than that , it will need to switch to intel)
  2. going from an athlon quad core to a phenom II anything is prob a big jump in performance lol
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