Is 600w enough for 2 graphics cards radoen 5450, 4670

Hello, i recently purchased a second graphics card for my pc for a second display. however when i installed it my pc wont even boot up, no post screen, but if i remove it it will boot up just fine. i have read some forums were they suggest that this might be caused by a defective graphics card or it might be insufficient power supply.
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  1. I have a gigabyte motherboard ga-m61pme-s2p. AMD x2 Cpu. 2 kingston 2gb hyperx. amd radeon 4670. PSU 600W brand? it says apevia on the psu thats all i know. my real question is it not enough power to run both or is it a defective card. and if i dont have enough power what size should i buy
  2. no i already have the 4670 im installing a second graphics cards which is a radeon 5450
  3. the 4670 is pluged into the pci-express 16 lane. the 5450 is plugged into the pci-express 1 lane. that is the default pci slot for the 5450 by the way. i know that is possible i dont want to do that this way i prefer the two completely separate graphics cards. i would like to know what is the minuim power supply size/brand and recomended size/brand
  4. ps 4670 does alow crossfire just for your information, it is not my intetion
  5. Yes you can crossfire with the 4670 but the second card needs to be a 46xx series, as you have it not there is no possible way to crossfire them, sorry. You will want to return the second card. I would suggest upgrading to a better card such as the 6870 which is more powerful than two 4670's combined, that can also run dual screens.

    Your current setup can run on even 430w of power.
    But if you upgrade to the 6870 (best option) then you should stay with the new 500w model.
  6. What I would do if i were you is try the new card in by itself just to make sure it isn't a bad card.

    For PSU suggestions, I would agree that PSU probably is not adequate. Your going to want to spend between like $60-100 on a good brand PSU that sli/crossfire ready good brand names are ones like Thermaltake, Antec, Corsair, OCZ

    hers a decently priced suggestion
  7. thank you i know how to fix it good information just what i was looking for. andrewcarr i know that and am not tring to crossfire
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