GTX 580 vs Crossfire 7770?

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  1. A single 7950 or 7970 is the way to go right now (translation of the above). The 580 belongs to the previous GPU generation and it's not worth the cash. Alternately, you could wait a few weeks and see what Nvidia's Kepler (600 series) has to put up against the 7900s.
    IMO it's almost never a good idea to go Xfire/SLI in a fresh build. It's a great upgrade, too cost-effective and easy to throw away from the start. It's true that Xfired 7770s will get you better performance, but then you'll have to buy a whole new GPU setup with your next upgrade.

    Your chipset and CPU have nothing do with each other. They're all compatible.

    PNR, it doesn't matter how much money you have to spend. The OP's budget is what matters.
  2. Get the GTX 580 if that's the high end single GPU you want. It's not a bad deal right now at $410 on newegg.

    If you like multi-GPU solutions, you should seriously consider 560ti SLI - the 560ti is currently starting at $180... so for $360 you'd get a setup that demolishes either the 580 or 7770 CF.

    IMO it's never a good idea to SLI or CF low end cards... microstuttering issues are more common.
  3. 560ti for $180 with rebates -->

    Older generation cards almost always get their price drops via rebate.

    Microstuttering caution on weak GPUs -->,2995-15.html

    Quote: "Currently, it seems like cards less powerful than the Radeon HD 6950 are not well-suited for dual-card CrossFire."

    Even if that were an issue specific to the 6xxx series (which is very possible), it would make me extra cautious before crossfiring low end 7xxx series cards.
  4. the don't get the 2 7770 because theres no upgrade path and its not a good value as of right now. either get the 7950 or the gtx 580.
  5. It depends on the setup and some people are more sensitive than others. Anyway.
    Personally, I think it'd be worth waiting a few weeks for at least the 7800s, if not Kepler. A single card would be good, but the latest generation's high-end single cards, as PNR says, are currently kinda out of the OP's range.
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