Nvidia stereoscopic 3d

Hi there, I am trying to set up my nvidia 3d vision
I have connected everything up, installed drivers
ran the setup and got to the point where it asks
me to close my left eye then right eye and asks
me what I see through each.
I see the same image through each eye and then
it says that there is a hardware failure.
I thought the glasses were faulty but using the
buttons on the side allows me to adjust the depth
perception and select the next image.
Please help
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  1. If you are seeing the same image, it is not working. It's probably a result of the problems you have been having with your 120hz not working. (btw, when I said 120hz works on DVI with AMD, I did not mean HD3D gaming).
  2. I have your same exact problem!!
  3. Are you certain the glasses are on/working? You can try looking at things like digital clocks or lightbulbs and they will flicker if the glasses are on.

    It would also help to know the display you are using, and if you have an emitter.
  4. You might also try a different driver version.
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