<1,000$ gaming pc build (high advice level)

Hello! and thank you for taking the time to look at my new exciting build!!

Ive got a budget but nothing specific... id like to hit no where higher than 1k thats for sure. so lets just say <1k budget. i will be buying everything within the month or next. Im currently on a GTX 260, Q6600 Stock, with an 750i mobo... and its starting to give out on me gaming wise. I am a huge gamer, i play every game on the market atleast once... i am into MMO's alot. Guild wars 2 is into my reach. Im also a long time WoW player.

But never mind that! seeing as im the gamer type i need something to get me up and beyond for future games along with maxing out the newer games that released recently. Keep in mind under 1k. I dont have a build in mind, but i do have key parts that ive been keeping in mind. i want to base it around the Core i5 2500k... i feel this is one of the best processors on the market, but with an intel price. but im going to see what you guys can make me up...

Ive toyed around with some pieces of course, and here are a few parts....

Antec DF-85 Chassis (optional)

Intel Core i5 2500k (prefered)

GTX 460 Graphics Card (optional)

RIPJAW 16gb (4x4gb) DDR3 RAM (overkill?)

These are a few parts i thought would be nice to have... i have a windows 7 64bit OS already and i only need the core parts. (mobo, cpu, gpu, ram, hdd, psu, chassis). like i said the only thing i would really want to stick around is the 2500k. the rest is everyones free willing to see what i could do. sorry if its alot to drop out, but im clueless to this newer generation.

also cooling is something i highly need improvements on. my GTX 260 is currently over heating (not oc'd) when i play games maxxed out... so water cooling comes to mind. ive only built a few pcs in my time, and i dont know how to install water cooling. is it easy to learn or is it something you wouldnt advise doing unless you get practice with it... its cheep right now and would like to see about getting something very cool but good qaulity for under 1k! Thank you so much for your time!! (: i can give any answers to questions if needed! :D
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  1. you should only need 8 gb ram. use the rest of the money to pay for a cpu cooling fan for your i5-2500k, or a much better gpu.

    mobo: 100-150$ (depending on what you need on a mobo) Z68 or Z77
    cpu: 220$ for the i5-2500k
    gpu: Allocate rest of unused money between this and case
    ram: 45-55 for 8 gb
    hdd: ~75-80$ for 500 gb, ~85-100$ for 1 tb ~100 for 128 gb SSD(optional)
    psu: ~60-80$ for quality single card psu. 80+ for SLI/Crossfire Ready one
    case: Allocate rest of unused money between this and gpu(gpu should have priority)
    cpu fan: ~30$

    the average allocation chart

    depending on how you buy your gpu(if you choose nvidia), you can use your gtx 260 as a physx card(rarely used but it still gives the 260 a purpose)
  2. Thank you very much for giving me a list of which parts are prioritized... which graphics card would you say i should get... i dont know which would be good for running future games, all the while being cooled
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