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So after asking for some advice i was told that the 7970 was the best choice for my build. I have looked and i know its a good card but i was wondering if there was anything that could be suggested that might be better. my machine is going to be for gaming with some uni work and everyday computing. I dont have a set budget as such but i dont want to spend anything rediculious and i am willing to crossfire if need be. any help would be bery apreciated thanks :D
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  1. Currently the 7970 is the best single-card solution you can buy in terms of pure performance. What games are you planning to play, and what are your expectations of that experience? e.g. you want to play the most demanding modern games available on ultra settings with all the advanced options turned on.
  2. I am planning on playing skyrim/bf3/ etc i would like ultra setting but its not a must high setting would do just fine im not a big gamer but i dont mind spending abit of time just gaming. as for hte uni work and everything else its fairly basic stuff just some basic editing and movie watching etc etc
  3. I am currently running a GTX 570 and i can tell you that this card blows the games you listed out of the water on Ultra Settings. I do have some problems with the highest settings on Metro 2033 and Crysis 2 with AA jacked up to max, though, so you might want to look at something a little better if your budget allows. I am going to recommend the 7850, which is supposed to become available as soon as the 19th for around $250.

    Here is a link to Tom's review on this. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7870-review-benchmark,3148.html

    This card is estimated to be cheaper and offer a little better performance than the 570.
  4. Also, if you are not in a rush, you could wait for the Kepler cards to become available. This is likely to shake up the market for GPUs in the near future (rumored announcement this month)
  5. will have a look im not planning on starting the build for a month or two but just want to start looking. what do you think about crossfiring is it worth it i knoe for the moment i wont need it but would it be worth doing it now or waiting till i have a need for it?
  6. I honestly have seen some problems with a crossfire setups and i don't recommend them anymore for new builds unless you know what you're getting into. I would say stick with one card for now, and if it becomes necessary later, then consider crossfire/sli. Seeing as you have time before you build, you ought to wait to see what Kepler brings to the table. Although i highly doubt you'd regret the 7850 or 7970 if you go that route either :)
  7. Thanks i will keep an eye on what is happenig but graphics cards have never been my strong point all this help has been great thanks :D
  8. anytime! What are the plans for the rest of your system?
  9. you can spend a lot less money if you don't expect ultra graphics. Skyrim can be maxed with a 6850. BF 3 on ultra requires a bit more but a 6950 can play on high no problem.

    You can pretty much max out a lot of games just spending $200 so spending close to $600 on a 7970 might or might not be worth it to you just to play bf3 and a few other demanding games on ultra.
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