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I am looking for a new gaming system my budget is 50k (inr) and i want to know that can h67 mobo can be used with 1600mhz ram

also want to know the stability of following system

configuration going to build :
intel i5 2500
mobo: asus p8z67 m evo
graphics : gtx 560 ti
ram 8gb gskill 1600mhz
psu 600w corsair
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  1. Yes 1600 ram will work with that mobo. Btw your mobo of choice is the p67 chipset. Its an asus p8p67 not p8pz67 :).
  2. Oh and get the 2500k instead of the 2500 so you can overclock if you want. You may not care about it now, but you will in the future. That looks like a good setup to me but i would get an 850w psu so i could upgrade later on.
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